24 January 2008

Nissan Motors Papercraft Cars

Nissan is one of the top three major Japanese automakers in Japan alongside Toyota and Honda, and like any other big name brand in Japan, they have their very own papercraft section on their web site. Today we'll showcase the official Nissan Motors papercraft cars which includes sedans, coupes, convertibles, sports cars, race/rally cars, vans, mini-vans, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), pickup trucks, hybrids, prototypes and concepts. They've got all the types of cars covered and has an impressive 83 paper models in their collection. These Nissan papercraft cars were designed by Yutaka Mori and each cars' pattern has three options for you to choose from, there's the regular colored pattern in PDF format, the no-color PDF pattern for printing on colored paper, and a GIF file.

I've tested a few, it was really very easy and the results are very nice. I would highly recommend to this to those starting out with papercrafts. There's not much cutting on the inside of the pattern, just mostly on the outlines. Beginners can breeze through 3 to 5 of these models and come out feeling accomplished - ready to move on to more complicated ones and consider themselves a graduate of beginners school. Give it a try!

Nissan Paper Cars - [Nissan Motors Japan]
Nissan Paper Cars - [Translated Jap-Eng]
Yutaka Mori Profile - [Nigensha]

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