18 April 2008

Musha Gundam Papercraft - SD Samurai

The Musha Gundam are mecha units modelled after the different forms of Japanese warriors during Japan's feudal era. It usually takes the form of either a ninja or samurai and is SD (Super Deformed) in style. The Gundam's base weapons like the beam sabre is changed to a katana, naginata, or wakizashi to reflect the type of weapons used during feudal Japan. Designer 333bankin has this awesome Musha Gundam papercraft sporting a red-yellow samurai theme.

Musha Gundam Papercraft - SD Samurai [333bankin]

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  1. has anyone made this model yet? if you have, can you please tell me where this piece is supposed to go?


    I can't to seem to be able to find it in any of the other instruction pictures.

  2. I haven't tried this one yet, I'll check on the bankin site to see some inst.

  3. thanks but I think I found the answer. the japanese translation is a little odd but I think that piece is "invsible" and doesn't really matter. by the way, I enjoy your blog a lot, keep it up!


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