16 August 2008

Will The Real Metroid Papercraft Please Stand Up?

I've been asked many times about the Samus Aran papercraft that we've posted before and often times they refer to her as Metroid. Hopefully, this post should clear things up a bit. Metroid refers to the gelatinous flying creatures first found on planet SR388 that closely resemble a jellyfish (pictured above), they are said to drain the lifeforce of anything they come in contact with. This Metroid papercraft was made by Charles Bradbury and Shinigami.

Metroid Papercraft [via mediafire]

Metroid Papercraft - Samus Aran
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  1. More specifically, this is an Alpha Metroid. There are a whole bunch of other forms (4 others plus mutated forms).

  2. Incorrect, this is just an adult Metroid. This kind of Metroid evolves into an Alpha Metroid, which can then evolve three more times (Not counting the Queen, who's evolution cycle we do not know). This kind of Metroid can also mutate/evolve in the presence of Phazon into other different forms.


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