26 October 2008

BioShock Papercraft - Big Daddy

Big Daddies aka Protectors aka Mr. Bubbles are the hulking defenders of the Little Sisters. They wear a heavily armored diving suit (similar to Siebe's heavy-footer diving suit) and outfitted with a large drill or rivet gun on one of their hands. The Big Daddies are super strong and could only be killed after taking huge amounts of damage, they would only attack if you provoke them. There are two types of Big Daddies, the Rosies and the Bouncers. Rosies are the ones with the rivet gun and this Big Daddy papercraft is a bouncer.

Bioshock - Big Daddy Papercraft [chamoo232]

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  1. is anyone else having trouble downloading this? I followed the link to mega-upload.com where i input the three letter code and you're supposed to get a 45 sec. timer, but i just keep getting another three letter sequence. I don't know what to do! I really want to download this. Someone please help.

  2. This is awesome, unfortunately, the link is broken!

  3. I just checked the link and downloaded it, it's pretty much fine. You're probably having issues with your web browser, if you've got blockers or filters, try disabling them before downloading.

  4. Anyone have a direct link for this? The one here doesn't work...

  5. The link's down and we can't get to the model. That...sucks pretty hardcore, I was super excited.


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