03 November 2008

Dead Space Papercraft

From the newly released Dead Space video game, a papercraft of the protagonist's (Isaac Clarke) Level 3 helmet and plasma cutter. There's no texture to it but the model is ok. You can either print it on colored paper or put some color and texture after its assembled.

Dead Space Papercraft [schofield tools]

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  1. Be sure to download Pepakura Designer 3 to view the files. They look good and you can even scale them so you can fit the helmet to your head. Wall hanger or costume prop this pdo file is a good base for any artist to start on.

  2. i wonder why they left out the textures, the model will certainly not look good without them specially the plasma cutter. i hope some one bothers to rip the textures from the game and put it on this one

  3. Because I modeled them from scratch. These are not rips from the game.

  4. How do you scale it?

  5. when you print, select "fit to page" option

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