02 January 2009

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Nomad Moogle

Final Fantasy XI Nomad Moogle Papercraft

One of the many different varieties of Moogle in Final Fantasy XI, this is the Nomad Moogle (better looking than your average Moogle), it wears a head wrap/turban thingy and stores items for you in your Mog House.

Final Fantasy XI - Nomad Moogle Papercraft

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  1. There are other moogle papercraft model circulating around the internet. I don't like the one in FFXII? One of the ones after X. Square Enix completely changed the look, it resembles a bunny with a green body.
    I have never seen the one featured in this post. In Crystal Chronicles you can actually change the look of the moogle.

  2. Where can I find a template for this?


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