19 February 2009

Smash Bros. Papercraft - Toon Link

Toon Link PapercraftToon Link is a secret character and is a version of Link (Legend of Zelda) that appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It uses a cel-shaded art style that is also similar to his appearances in The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass.

This amazing Toon Link papercraft was made by our friend Haywan Chiu from Papercraft Museum. It's a 26 page pattern so take it slow and easy kids.

Super Smash Bros. Toon Link Papercraft

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  1. no offense to the others but this is the most detailed zelda papercraft ever released. Thumbs up to haywan for putting time into this and a hope that he will continue to make high quality papercrafts such as this!

  2. one thing is, is this model is ALOT bigger he actually didnt even adjust anything so this is the actual model you would play in the game so of course its gonna be REALLY detailed

  3. high quality? you must be a noob. papercraft is not only about what the finish model is going to look like, but the the quality of the build process. and the build process on this one is crap.

    the models from ninjatoes, trader sam, and even the very shy chokipeta's simply crushes this one. if the readers of this blog want to learn to do it the right way join us at the zelot forum.

  4. From what I read on 4chan, I thought that this was the designer's first model. I think it's well done and anytime people put alot of work or at least attempt to do so some appreciation should be given. Granted, I adore ninjatoes work and trader sam is a master and don't forget the guy from paperinside whose name elludes me. Compared to them, perhaps his work is lacking in some ways, but he tried something hard and he succeeded. I give him mad props for it and I hope he continues to get better with time.

  5. @Alicia

    Cláudio Dias - Paper Inside

  6. I think you guys are using the word designer here to loosely, that 3D model was extracted from the game, upon which somebody else designed the model.

  7. Thanks Ron. And yeah, Jen, maybe the word designer is wrong. Perhaps, 3d-model manipulator and unfolder?

  8. iLove this model its so awsome i just have to build it! lol


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