27 June 2009

Gothic French Maid Papercraft

Gothic French Maid Papercraft Why so ronery? Moekami's take on the gothic maid subculture in Japan, it's French Maid x goth + girl next door ^^

Gothic French Maid Papercraft

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  1. Dude! I just finished cutting out everything, and started putting it together. I was using the instructions online last night. Today when I tried to open the instructions, they are not available!!! Not that the instructions were great in the first place.. I fear I maybe stuck now, if I cant get my hands on another copy of those instructions!
    If anyone knows where else I can find instructions for the maid, please let me know!!!!!!

  2. here anon guy instructions http://moekami.hp.infoseek.co.jp/main/item-1/015gosuko/manual/manual.html


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