13 July 2009

Tomb Raider Papercraft - Lara Croft "Stealth"

Lara Croft Papercraft Lara sporting her camo gear outfit from Angel of DarknessAngel of Darkness.

Tomb Raider - Camo Lara Croft Papercraft

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  1. The face looks weird.

  2. Wow!!!!....this is just awesome......i"ll be tryin to do somethin like that in a decade or two....lolzz

  3. I actually fixed up the face since the model was made. The test build used the wrong eye, plus superglue fised the face before I could move all of the pieces :) No worries!

  4. Seeing the pieces I still have some worries: the legs and stuff look fine but and I think you can make the face look better if you're good builder, but the face still has a lot of small pieces that makes it very difficult to build and make it look good... But if you're a very good builder I think it will be a very good looking model.

  5. Yeah, I was thinking that as I was building the model, but really wanted to go for detail over ease. I made the pieces about the size of Bluedragon's wolverine, which turned out great. It's the spilled superglue, the paper that was too thick, and the fact that I don't crease or fold that made the sub-par-ish face in the pic. I could have made it easier, but thought detailed would look better, even if it meant of bit of work :)


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