25 June 2011

MSN-06S Sinanju Gundam Papercraft

Sinanju Gundam Papercraft

The MSN-06S Sinanju mobile suit featured in Gundam Unicorn, it's a Prototype Newtype-use Mobile Suit from Anaheim Electronics and piloted by Full Frontal.

MSN-06S Sinanju Gundam Papercraft [Download]

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  1. fffffffffffffffffreaking whaaaat *-*
    must download, must down (walking like a zombie)
    damn that is just sweet, looks better then the one from paper replika, sry that i have to say this julius

  2. haha, that's what i thought
    black and white sheets :D
    oh man, that is going to be a real challenge ^^

  3. that's absolutely epic...thanks Ron!

  4. I actually want to make this awesome model but I'm wondering if anyone else has already done it and if so how did they go?

    I am wondering about the black and white sheets in the illustrator file I found (as someone mentioned above). Are the suposed to be coloured using illustrator? and if so would it not have been easier if it was already done? Or is this so people can make their own colour choices?

    I have also downloaded the colour sheets from other links and this is great but they are not flat colour they are shaded and I think the model in the completed pictures is done in flat colour and this might look better in the end?

    Thanks for your help, I'm super keen to tackle this project. BTW can anyone recomend a good paper/card to use for this?

  5. hey hey
    yes this version has to printed on colored paper (so you "could"choose your own colors...but i think the gundam fan will kill you :D )
    and you will get also that flat color with it

    i'm in papercraft for over a year and found also a lot of gundams and other mechas (mostly because of this blog ;P )
    but this one is new (that's why i'm flipped that out XD )
    and i don't think there will be other people who build it

    today i bought some papers with 130msg
    it's heavier as those i use normaly, you should stay at this weight, maybe thiner, there are a lot of tiny pieces

  6. how would i color this thing? i mean the template.

  7. can you reupload plz... SOPA... filesonic die :(


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