02 July 2011

Sword Impulse Gundam Papercraft (ZGMF-X56S)

Sword Impulse Gundam Papercraft

The Sword Impulse Gundam is a prototype multi-mode mobile suit equipped with two beam boomerangs and a pair of Excalibur anti-ship swords.

Sword Impulse Gundam Papercraft (ZGMF-X56S) [Download]

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  1. ah damn it, stop posting all these great mecha models :D

  2. Bugger, the download link goes to a login screen...

    1. i got the pdf file friend send e mail luchobass-8237@hotmail.com

  3. I cant download it. whats the problem?? PLS relink the craft

  4. Please, re-post the sword impulse. why shut down so early? Again~~~~~

  5. I registered at the site, and appeared to have logged in successfully. But, on the actual download page for the model the same login details were requested again and were rejected every time.

    However, I was able to download several other models from the site, but none so superlatively ace as this Sword Impulse ZGMF-X56S beauty.

    Did anyone succeed in obtaining it?

  6. I also registered on the site, replied the thread (the text next to the closed padlock icon said "**** Hidden text. Reply To Post *****") and all I got was "Excuse me I give him my destination.", all translated by Google Translate. Maybe the second message means I have to PM the OP to get the link?

  7. Sorry, forgot to mention: I registered on this site: http://www.playfc.com/www2/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=14094&page=1&extra=#pid275141

  8. I contacted the admin of the imprime-recorta-pega.com and he said that the model had been removed at the artist's request.


    Apparently the model is for sale, but i couldn't figure out how to buy any models from looking at the the guy's website (in Korean) using google translate.

    Anyone familiar with buying models from these (awesome artists's) incomprehensible-blog-websites?

  9. Force Impulse: http://yfdisk.com/file/common/0e539be7/

    Sword Impulse: http://yfdisk.com/file/common/565d9288/

    Astray Red Frame: http://yfdisk.com/file/common/bc304a64/

    Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise: http://yfdisk.com/file/common/63e56bb1/

    Infinite Justice: http://yfdisk.com/file/common/e64ad693/

  10. Wow,
    thanks Anonymous!

    ( The pdf of the "Sword Impulse" is corrupted.
    The pdo is fine. )

    I feel slightly bad about downloading models that the artist is charging for, but hey i Wanted to buy the model but couldnt figure out how to do it... so maybe that makes it not so bad..

  11. you sure it's safe @ciranjiiva?


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