27 April 2014

E.T. Video Game Papercraft

ET Video Game Papercraft

The latest tubbypaws tribute focuses on Atari's E.T. video game which has recently hit the news.

Short story - in 1982 Atari made a rushed video game called E.T. the Extra- Terrestrial based on the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name, it was a flop. Atari dumped truckloads of the unsold E.T. games in a desert landfill in New Mexico, the game's existence faded into memory and became an urban legend. Fast-forward 32 years, a documentary film crew began to unearth stacks of 30+ year old Atari cartridges from a landfill outside Alamogordo, New Mexico - urban legend no more ^^.

E.T. Video Game Papercraft [Download]

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