08 March 2007

Disney's Stitch - Experiment 626

From the animated feature movie Lilo and Stitch, we present the Stitch (Experiment 626) papercraft model - he's blue, mischievous, nearly indestructible, bulletproof, fireproof, night vision and infrared capable, can move objects 3,000 times his size, and extremely cute. Handle with care when adding to your papercraft collection, he has a tendency to destroy everything he touches. You have been warned!

Stitch - Download
Stitch Photos - Flickr


  1. Thank you for this model, I've been searching google for a "stitch" papercraft but it always comes ups empty, now I'm happy :)

    Do you happen to have any other papercrafts of the experiments or lilo?

    - Sandy Westcove

  2. Is it ok if we exchange links? You put my link and I'll put yours? Here's my blog:
    Papercraft Paradise

    By the way, I sent you an email but you must've missed it.


  3. I have a problem building this model.
    I'm currently having problems building Stitch's head. It turned out to be oblong instead of round. Can you upload the instructions or the pdo file to this model? Thanks.

  4. Ripped? are you using card stock or just regular printer paper? Please provide your email for a faster response to your requests.

  5. Can you add instrutions please?I need help with his legs

  6. Nice ^^ !
    I Like It so much

  7. The download link doesn't work anymore. Can someone re-upload this please???


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