05 March 2007


Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding has long been a family oriented past time, from the young ones all the way to the young once. But recently, a new style has branched out geared primarily for the adult practitioners of origami. Marc Kirschenbaum, 37 yr. old native New Yorker and Master Origamist has started doing Pornogami, yes that's right, Pornographic Origami. Although sexual material in the 3D paper model world has been around for a while, it's not that very common in origami because origami purists would like to keep it G-rated. Marc has done pornogami for Playboy (vagina) and Maxim (copulating bunnies) out of dollar bills, and is a board member of OrigamiUSA.

Fold Me Now [Village Voice]
Pornogami Gallery [Village Voice]
Marc Kirschenbaum [Web Site]


  1. That guy probably hasn't been laid in years

  2. Nick Robinson, another great origami artist, has also got some nice/hilarious "porn related" origami- aside from his book "Very Naughty Origami", he is also known for constructing a 10ft tall penis out of paper in London outside of the Assembly Building in 2004 to promote another of his books (Adult Origami I think). :D

  3. oh there's no question that the guy hasn't been laid...period.

  4. You people clearly have no life. Actually Marc is an awsome guy! Stop being so pathetic & commenting negatively on someone elses successes. Obviously you both are jelous.


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