06 April 2007

Jesus Christ - Easter Papercraft

Easter is one of the most important holiday for the Christian faith, it is a celebration of the resurrection of the their savior Jesus Christ from the dead after His death by crucifixion. It's observed in the months of March, April, or May each year which approximately coincides with the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Here is a Jesus Christ papercraft model from Yozo Kutsushima of the Happy Origami Ministry in Tokyo, Japan. This paper model is also a paper automata in which its head can move around. We've also got some other cute Easter related papercrafts like this Easter Bunny and Easter Egg that you might want to check out.

Jesus Christ Easter Papercraft [Happy Origami Ministry]

Easter Bunny Papercraft [Related Posts]
Easter Egg Papercraft


  1. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, this is cute

  2. What about a muhammad papercraft to even it up?

  3. how about other gods? do you have like Indian or Japanese or Chinese?

  4. Jesus is very cute. :P

  5. i agree....a muhammad papercraft would be great...im doing a project on religions of the world and i can't find any really good islamic/muslim papercrafts (in particular, muhammad)

  6. A "Muhammad papercraft"?
    Oh man, you're either a clever troll or a very ignorant person. Either way, I give you two thumbs up.

  7. @anon doing a project
    Making a Muhammad papercraft would enrage a lot of Muslim folks, I think their faith forbids visual depictions of him - eventhough - i would still like to see one, probably of the Jyllands-Posten type ^^

    right on

  8. This is AMAZING!!


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