04 April 2007

Paper vs. Paper

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Chicken Run, Corpse Bride, Wallace and Gromit, and Robot Chicken these are some of the popular movies and shows that used stop-motion process to animate their characters to life. Stop-motion is a film process whereby a single frame of an object is shot, the object is moved slightly, and then another frame is shot. When the frames run continuously it creates an illusion of fluidity in the motion of the object being filmed and they appear to move by themselves. Here's "Extra Strong", a stop-motion short film created by Giovanni Braggio, Lorenzo Latrofa, and Fabio Santomauro (Italians) featuring some paper on paper action.


  1. wawawiwa, mee likes that

  2. Ron you got that all wrong, all those movies you mentioned used claymation and not stop motion.

  3. >karalexis

    I see that you're confused my friend, been drinking lately have ya? Stop motion is a "general" term for an animation "technique" that gives the illusion that a still object is in motion. Under stop motion there are different varieties and forms, one of which is, as you have mentioned above, claymation - which uses plasticine clay. There is also Silhouette animation, time lapse, graphic, puppet, etc.

    Stop Motion Animation = technique
    Claymation = Form/Variety of Stop Motion

  4. I say your wrong, I went to film school and that's not what is thought

  5. If that is what they are teaching you at your film school, I hope you didn't spend too much on it - I give my condolences to your film career, I hope that you'll be cured of your benightedness.


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