05 September 2007

Votoms Scopedog Papercraft

I'm a big fan of the Webdude's work, specially the Hannah-Barbera's Wacky Races and the "Cars" paper models - he has released a new model on his Bots, Borgs, and Mechs section of his site. It's the Armored Trooper Votoms Scope Dog papercraft (ATM-09-ST), much like the one released by InnerBrain a few years back. It has over 40+ pages for the pattern and 20+ for the instructions, pretty straightforward and easy to follow, you'll have no problems building this one. Also, check out the "Others" section of the site to see another new paper model, "Chaina" (not pictured).

Scope Dog - [Download Page]
The Webdude - [Site]


  1. is this a copy of the innerbrain one, its eerily similar

  2. wowza! that looks epic, but too much pages for me

  3. i havent seen this one befoe, what show was this?

  4. Hi Ron! Thx for the mention! I'm actually a big fan of your blog! To answer the anonymous comment; No, it's not a copy of the Inner Brain Scope Dog. Different size and geometries used for this version. I hope you enjoy it!
    (The Webdude)

  5. TheWebdude's site seems to be down. If anyone knows where else i can get this model please let me know. Or if anyone has the files for it, can they please send them to goblinarcher AT lycos.com. I would greatly appreciate it. VOTOMs are awesome, and a NEED a paper one for my living room something fierce!



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