04 September 2007

White King Papercraft - American McGee's Alice

Here's a new papercraft model of one of the sub-characters in the PC game American McGee's Alice - the White King. It's created by the same person that released some photos of a finished paper model of Alice a few weeks back, although they haven't released it to the public, I'll be sure to post it right away as soon as I get my hands on it/lands on my inbox. And to those who don't know anything about what I've just said, check out the wiki entry and other links below to get updated. Another thin, there's also a film adaptation aptly named, Alice, to be released on July 2008 starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

White King - [Download Page] [Download via Rapid]
American McGee's Alice - [Papercraft Site] [Wikipedia] [Youtube] [IMDB]


  1. great find sir, as always, thank you!

  2. can you send email me the zip file, im having problems with rapidshare,

    thanks in advance


  3. i played the game but i dont remember seeing this dude, you sure you got the right game?

  4. @ anonimous:

    Did you played the game all the way to the end?

    'cause there's a whole chess level in wich you got to rescue the queen, and guess who asks you to do it? Yes, the KING.

  5. @pixel

    now i remember, thanks, i did see that guy there

    its been quite a while since i played this game so my memoryz abit rusty

  6. ron, do you have the alice model? are you going to post it soon? can you please send it to my email at


  7. nice site, ive just now found out about it - tom didn't have to lie about it :)

    what server are you going to be on tonight?

  8. Alice!!!! I want Alice!!!Publish, please, itself Alice's model!!!

  9. We're still waiting for the Alice model.

  10. Just wanted to say that the movie of this "Alice" is not going to be with that actor from buffy xD I read that a few months ago, I am not sure anymore WHAT the reason was~! But she is not going to be in that movie xD

    Besides I believe there are already numerous "Mcgee alice" papercrafts also on this site O_o


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