30 April 2008

Speed Racer Papercraft - Mach 5

So the Speed Racer movie is coming out next week, I've seen both the domestic and international trailer a few times and I still remain unsold based on it. As a fan of the original anime series (Mach GoGoGo), it's really hard to describe how I feel about the look of this movie without pulling my hair out. There's also a Speed Racer video game tie-in for the Nintendo Wii, maybe that's the reason for the overly done flashy eye-candy. And Mach 6 instead of the Mach 5, hopefully the Wachowski brothers can pull this one off.

Here's the original Speed Racer Mach 5 papercraft from Paper Inside.

Speed Racer Papercraft - Mach 5 [Paper Inside/Claudio Dias]

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