25 May 2008

Mecha Papercraft - Shigu

Not as detailed or as polished as the Front Mission Chokipeta version, this simplified mecha papercraft has a unique feature that I've only seen two or three times before in other paper models - it's got bones. By bones, I mean its got articulation points/hinges that enables it to move its arms and legs. You might recognize the look of the papercraft, it was based on the Zenith mecha from Front Mission 4. Grab the pattern from the link below.

Mecha Papercraft - Shigu
[Iyoukoso via mediafire]

Super Robot / Mecha Anime Papercraft
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  1. Very well crafted and detailed. Love it!

  2. I like this site so much, I "spoofed" it in one of my recent posts.

    Thanks! Great work!


  3. @lobo

    thanks, the article was made me laugh :)


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