28 May 2008

Pirate Ship Papercraft

Not as big and complicated as Trader Sam's Wicked Wench, but beginners will surely have fun with this simple pirate ship papercraft from the Nippon Foundation Library. The site offers the patterns as GIFs, I've converted it to PDF for those who prefer it.

Pirate Ship Papercraft [zaidan.info] [via mediafire]

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  1. Oh men, It's cool ^^

  2. Hey can you post a finished image? I'm a little bit confused about which part goes where...^__^;;

  3. I haven't started on this one yet so I can't post any pics, I can point you to its assembly instructions though.

  4. just stumbled upon this site but some of the links are not working. these paper crafts are great!

  5. Thanks for visiting anon, let me know which links and i'll fix it.


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