19 May 2008

S Gundam Papercraft

The MSA-0011 S Gundam, aka Superior Gundam, is another one of the transformable mobile suits in the Gundam universe. This incredibly powerful Gundam is a modular type which can separate into three parts, each part having a cockpit of its own and can function autonomously. It made its appearance in the Gundam Sentinel photo novel series. This great papercraft was designed by etigoya.

S Gundam Papercraft [etigoya]

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  1. I don't think this particular S-Gundam was ever completed. The designer lost his files in a HD crash. All the blank boxes should have parts pages in them. They all say "in preparation", as they have for several years now. :(

  2. thats tough, ill see what i can do

  3. I'm pretty sure this one is just a head and chest with all other pieces missing..I didn't realize it was incomplete until i finished the head..which looks awesome by the way...would love for the rest of this model to be finished/found.

  4. I've seen a complete version from our Korean friends, I'll ask them if they can provide a copy. For the mean time, we'll consider this one a bust.


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