21 May 2008

Transformers Papercraft Car - Bumblebee Camaro

From designer Andrew Skupinski, the 2009 Camaro Bumblebee papercraft (car mode) based on the car used in the 2007 Transformers movie. A very good compliment to Claudio Dias' Bumblebee (robot mode).

Transformers Papercraft Car - Bumblebee Camaro [Paper Inside]

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  1. This one is REALLY cool. Never thought I had a passion for paper, but this would be something cool for my son and I to build together.

  2. Hey! Thanks for posting my model here and a link to Claudios site. www.paperinside.com That's very cool!

    Glad you guys like it, I have another BumbleBee Camaro in the works! ;)

  3. @arthur crooks
    thats great, hope you guys have a lot of fun

    no prob, great model btw.
    is the new one you're working on the 76 camaro?

  4. GOOD DAY SKIP… i’d like to compliment on ur model, its great and definitely a work of art. id like to ask wat kind of paper did you use for the car? i noticed its shiny… and wat kind of paper should i be using?

  5. What Software do you use to look at this

  6. Any PDF viewer will do (e.g. Adobe Reader, Secure PDF, Foxit Reader, etc.)


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