27 November 2008

Mecha Papercraft - Karmis

Karmis Mecha Papercraft

A very good mecha papercraft from a Korean designer, it's called Karmis and its a 17-page model that can be customized to any color or texture that you prefer. The pattern provided by the designer is a white one, that means you'll have to print it on colored paper or you can edit the pattern to put some color (e.g. camouflage, rusted, etc..) This Karmis mecha papercraft stands about 10 inches tall when completed.

Mecha Karmis Papercraft

Super Robot / Mecha Anime Papercraft
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  1. Well, I can see an unfolded model. But no instruction... Anywhere to get it? anyhow? :)

  2. This is really cool, but for a beginner like myself, I need a few assembly instructions. Is there someplace I c1an find those for this model? Thanks!

  3. I'll e-mail back the sender and ask if there is any instructions for it, i'll mention it here if there is.

  4. this is a great complex model indeed...I'm waiting for any assembly instructions if available, thanks for your efforts Ron!

  5. Wow.. That looks good, now just need the instructions.

  6. Any new info on this? I'd really love to try and build it, but with no instructions, it seems impossible...

  7. Hi, I think that mediafire link is dead.
    Is there another download link perhaps?
    Thanks a million

  8. The link is very much alive, try turing off any blockers or use a different browser when downloading it.

  9. instructions please,,,

  10. Agreed. Needs instructions or a .pdo, if nothing else at least to assign textures and colors. Hard to color it without knowing where stuff goes.


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