26 November 2008

Star Wars Papercraft - Ebon Hawk

Star Wars Ebon Hawk Papercraft

The Ebon Hawk is the player's ship in the Star Wars computer game Knights of the Old Republic. It's a light freighter based on the Dynamic-class freighters used by the Republic Navy during the Mandalorian Wars.

Star Wars - Ebon Hawk Papercraft [Martinux]

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  1. Thank you for featuring my model. :)

    I'd just like to suggest that there are completed photographs on the site now if you wish to replace the incomplete one attached to this news item.

  2. Many thanks for posting news of my model. :)

    There are images of the completed model on the site now if you wish to replace the one in your news item.

    - Martinux

  3. thanks for the update, I'll check it out

  4. Your Download link is broken. Could you fix it?

  5. fixed! thanks for the udpate anon

  6. I am working on the Ebon Hawk right now. Its hard... i don't know where to glue or where to cut.... i wish this had instructions!

  7. what part are you working on?

  8. Deviant art kinda sucks...anyway you could post instructions somewhere else?


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