08 May 2009

Aegis Atago class Destroyer Papercraft

Atago Destroyer Ship PapercraftWe've got a new Japanese designer named masayu-i who has brought to our attention his miniature navy destroyer ship.

Atago Destroyer Ship Papercraft

It's an Atago class destroyer papercraft based on the real guided missile destroyer used by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (Japanese Navy). The word Aegis is not part of its name/class title, it's a misnomer to call it an "Aegis destroyer"

Aegis refers to a highly advance weapons system integrated into ships to protect it against missile and air attacks. Besides Japan and US, four other countries (Spain, Norway, Australia, and South Korea) also use this system in their Navy. Follow the link below, then scroll down close to the bottom of their page, goods are there.

Aegis Atago class Destroyer Papercraft

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