06 May 2009

Zoo Keeper Papercraft

Ok, here's a simple reward challenge from designer Odin.

This was tipped off by reader Lee Phan, I haven't personally verified it but I'm sure Lee can be trusted? ^^

Here's what you need to do in order to get the Zoo Keeper papercrafts - this btw is based on a Flash-based game by kiteretsu.jp

1. You'll need to e-mail the designer at (odinsl@yahoo.com.tw) and request the pattern/template, make sure to put "Zoo Keeper" in the heading.

2. You'll need to assemble all of the papercraft animals (top pic), take a photo and send it to the designer. In return he'll send you two other models - Zoo Keeper?

3. Complete those two as well, take a pic, send to the designer and you'll receive the bonus model - a One Piece: Tony Tony Chopper papercraft.

That's it, good luck!

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  1. Awesome design (so cute!) + great idea = bravo Odin !

  2. I just emailed Odin, and the template of the Zoo Keeper animals got sent to me a minute later, so I can confirm this is legit.

  3. @gee

    Thanks for confirming ^^

    Are you planning to complete all?

  4. The two persons of teh second pack of zoo Keeper ar the Manager (the little one), and the person that you are suposed to be(the grey one)

    Very interesting form of giving us the patterns, Odin Rulez

  5. my english not good.(because I'am thai) but I li."ke zoo keeper verymuch is pitty..How can I give it? pleas. sent me at email...tantee46@hotmail.com...

  6. Anyone have pictures of the red monkey one? I'm having trouble putting together the body.

  7. @tantee
    All you have to do is email the designer and ask him for a copy

    Here's a link


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