17 July 2010

Epson Evangelion Papercraft - EVA 01 & EVA 01 Type F

Epson Evangelion Papercraft If anybody has figured a way to bypass MyEpson's driver-check you can now download this awesome Evangelion paper model (UNIT 01), and please send me a copy as well ^^.

Epson Evangelion Papercraft - EVA 01 & EVA 01 Type F [Download]

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  1. that sucks, japanese site, where you can only get the model with a japanese epson printer >(

  2. Wow, this is so cool!!!!!!!! can anyone please tell me how to directly download this, I tried to translate the page but it is still in Japs, Thanks in advance

  3. Would you be able to must download a Japanese Epson printer driver, load it and fool the site?

  4. I have tried that on the Mickey Mouse papercraft (previous Epson model) and it didn't work :(

  5. works on internet explorer and safari

    user: pnlnd12
    pass: freedom

    i still cannot download the models.
    if somebody can do it, please post the link.
    cause gonna appear another stuff

  6. OMFG!!! That's Awesome!!! But Really Can't Download That...

    Only Seems To Work With Japanese People And Japanese Epson Printers!!! LOOL!!!

  7. Someone with a Japanese friend? We need to get this model it is awesome , there must be a way to get it, the one that post it here will be a Hero, let's get this done, we need to find out a way to do it!

  8. Ok guys, it said "coming soon".. Therefore, it's not up for download yet. We can only wait slowly. =)

  9. anyone can download the models and upload on some pages and pass the link y understand the japanese

  10. hmmm i inspected the elements on the page and wandered why the buttons dont go anywhere... when i looked.. there wasnt a destination set. AAAHHHH!!!! i hope im just stupid here

  11. http://www.4shared.com/file/JiksiUVz/EPSON_EVA_01.html


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