21 October 2010

Canadian Animal Series 3 Papercraft

Canadian Animal Series Papercrafts

Wonderful work of art from an amazing artist, you can now purchase a papercraft version of Lawrie McIntosh's Canadian Animal Series.

ABOUT Canadian Animal Series-
Lawrie McIntosh has been named by many; a pioneer in Canadian Industrial Design. During his brilliant career, his designs range from Electric kettles, tractors, large scale medical devices, and consumer products. His book: Reflections of a Product Engineer outlines many of those designs including work with Buckminster Fuller and the Canadian Animal Series in 1960.

The original set, which we shall call Canadian Animal Series 1, was made from flocked vinyl sheet in two colours, the moose, black bear, walrus and buffalo being brown and the polar bear white. In order to produce a more substantial product to offer on the market McIntosh used copper in place of vinyl. McIntosh produced the CAS 2 for many years selling in the thousands.

Fast forward 45 years.

The Canadian Animal Series is revived into a new form -Canadian Animal Series 3. The original patterns are redesigned by McIntosh (in his mid eighties) with Calgary Designer John Greg Ball. Each animal is given its own unique hand shaded coloring along with McIntosh's hand drawn cut and fold pattern. The unique part of the story are the instructional videos where McIntosh teaches the user how to making of each animals. During the process, one is struck by the profound detail that was put into these designs. All five animals can be purchased online and produced on a personal printer.

Special thanks to Mr. John Greg Ball for providing the links and information.

Canadian Animal Series 3 Papercraft [Buy]

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