22 October 2010

Papercraft Action Figure

Papercraft Action Figure
Are we looking at the future of papercraft figures? none of the static single pose that we are accustomed to.

Papercraft Action Figure

Japanese papercraft designer Dotubo (Crazy Craft) has been working on this paper model that mimics the versatility and poseability of action figures (Revoltech, Figma, etc.). The jointed skeleton frame makes various poses possible and at the same time serves as a base for creating custom/different characters.

The good thing about this papercraft is that you can do a variety of different poses and it allows you to "dress up" your character, specially if you plan on glass shelving it. The head, chest, back, arms, legs, and feet are interchangeable - you can make it look like a male, female, or robot character.

On the other side, the initial assembly will take longer to assemble (compared to static paper figures) and would need a little bit of skill to complete, but once you've built the skeleton frame, the sky is the limit.

What do you think, are we heading towards the right direction?

Papercraft Action Figure [View]

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  1. Thanks Bunny Kawaii, just updated it to the new blogger theme but I kept the same look (just added some background color) as the previous one so as not to cause any confusion with the readers :)

  2. Awww... no download?
    It looks fantastic!

  3. sorry, no download (for now)

  4. I am outraged and astonished at the same time! This designer deserves at the very least, credit for what they has provided. Domo Arigato, Mucho Gracias, Thanks ALOT! Please provide a download as soon as you can. Man! The detail behind that model! This is what's awesome about paper modeling, and that's is its potential. Itt's foing to get more articulated after this. You ROCK!!! >0<

  5. Very impressive papercraft!!


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