28 October 2010

Torchlight Papercraft - Destroyer

Torchlight Papercraft Destroyer

The Destroyer is a warrior-type/melee combat character (big guy hitting things ^^) that is one of the 3 character classes in Runic Games' Torchlight action RPG.

Torchlight Papercraft - Destroyer [Download]

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  1. Bring on that dual pistol whipping Vanquisher hotness ! Naked if possible.

  2. I was excited after seeing this but after downloading I know why it's a render and not a picture of the papercarft... I don't think the designer made this out of paper yet because there most parts are very small and most flaps are even bigger than the parts and there are even some intersecting parts... Gamerips can be very good papercrafts but not like this! p If he makes the other ones I hope he does better and maybe even remake this? Make it out of paper then you can see the problems to fix before sharing it: you can't design a papercraft without paper! lol

  3. double size maybe fix the problems with the small parts ;)
    I had a look at it and it would make the build more possible

  4. Don't have a look at it build it because it's easy to miss things if yopu don't! You will see more problems that can't be fixed with scaling up MORE possible doesn't matter if it's IMpossible lol! Common problem with game rips like the arms going inside the body and the elbows and the knees it's not a problem with game rips if you spot them and fix them. But not by scaling up, all you get then is 3 feet tall papercrafts with some parts being a complete sheet big and other parts still too small to handle only with tweezers ugh! I know designers sometimes have a bad time because of jealous people, but it's a papercraft so make it out of paper to see if it actually works is not so bad tip for designers everywhere to improve and for people not to judge a papercraft by a render right?


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