24 October 2010

The Evil Dead Papercraft

The Evil Dead Papercraft

Happy Halloween from OH-SHEET, here are papercrafts dedicated to the horror cult classic film "The Evil Dead" (including Evil Dead II, and Army of Darkness), starring Bruce Campbell.

"The Evil Dead" papercraft set includes 3 of the memorable characters from the film -
the deadite Cheryl (demon vessel), her brother Ash (Bruce Campbell), and Ash's girlfriend Linda.

Among the accessories included are Ash's 12-gauge, double-barreled Remington-S-Mart shotgun, the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (Book of the Dead), and mechanical prosthetic hand (made from a gauntlet/suit of armor).

The Evil Dead Papercraft [Download]

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  1. doing this one right now :) ran out of cardstock so it will be on standard A4 but hopefully it comes out nice! Going to revive my blog with this as well, http://zombieslag.blogspot.com/ I've got a few models done including a pretty nice vid of the FF Vivi as I did it. Thanks for being awesome RR!


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