21 November 2007

Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Ireul & Sahaquiel

Today's update on the Evangelion Angels papercraft models features Sahaquiel (the 10th Angel)and Ireul (the 11th Angel). Ireul aka. Angel of Terror - is notably the smallest of the Angels, represented as a cone shaped dot, this will probably be the easiest to assemble on this series.

"Ireul is a nano-scale entity, similar to a virus. In addition to its AT field, it demonstrates an ability to adapt to almost anything. Rather than moving in the conventional sense, the Angel seems to simply spread by rapidly reproducing at the cellular level." - wikipedia

Then, we've got Sahaquiel aka. Angel of Sky, the largest of the Angels. At first glance he looks like something that you see out of a petri dish or probably one of those glow-in-the-dark deep sea creatures, but those, it is not.

"Sahaquiel is a massive and bizarrely-shaped creature. It has an elongated body, with three eye-like markings (one in the center and one on either end of the body), and three stem-like growths projecting radially at both ends. Sahaquiel's AT field is comparatively powerful, able to shield the Angel from several dozen N² bombs. It also seems to have an ability to jam satellite communications. The Angel's most devastating weapon is itself: utilizing both kinetic energy and its AT field, it drops pieces of itself onto Earth as bombs. Its core appears as the pupil of the central eye." - wikipedia

Free download is available at the link below.

Ireul & Sahaquiel - [Download Page]


  1. today november 22th all of the models are aible to dwld!!!!!

  2. Thank you for the info. anon


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