22 November 2007

Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Last Batch

Today we're getting the final 6 angels left from the Webdude's Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion papercraft series. All together, there were 17 Evangelion paper models released. These last batch includes Leliel (Angel of Night), Bardiel (EVA-03 Production Model), Zeruel (Angel of Might), Arael (Angel of Birds), Armisael (Angel of the Womb), and Tabris (The Last Messenger) - they are from the 12th to the 17th respectively. Free download is available here or at the link below. Many have requested for a re-upload of the previous Evangelion papercrafts that have been posted before that are not available for download anymore, I haven't asked permission from the Webdude so your request would be better served if you guys could direct it to him, thanks. there's no need for it, the Webdude has just made it all available for free download.

Evangelion - [Download Page]


  1. No need to request a re-upload. They're all there. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Merry Christmans indeed sir. Thank you for these epic papercrafts.

  3. wow that is good news, ive been trying to get the 1st and 2nd angel. those are the only two that i missed, so now i have the complete series.

    oh, and the kodama, that thing has been there ages. i thought you already posted it so i didnt send it in. xxxx

  4. Finally it's over! The weird ones.

  5. Thank you Sir. and Merry Chrismas. ^_^

  6. How come download links don't work anymore??? :( I really wanted to make these...
    Could someone please post a working download link, PLEASE?


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