19 November 2007

Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Matariel

Haven't even absored Sandalphon yet, here comes Matariel (the 9th Angel).

Matariel, has the appearance of a massive opilionid-like (think of daddy longlegs) creature with numerous eyes. The central eye on the underbelly secretes a strong solvent which can easily melt through both concrete and steel. The Angel attempts to burn a tunnel directly into the Geofront using the solvent. The Angel appears to possess no armament beyond this solvent, and its AT-Field never physically manifests, though the battle plan against it made mention of using Unit 02 to nullify its AT field before it would be fired upon. Matariel's core is not revealed. Matariel is named for the Angel of Rain. -wikipedia

Matariel - [Download Page]

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