20 February 2008

BC Butler Designer Papercraft

Have a look at this new find, it's got a fresh look on designer papercrafts. This is from the Brainjar Paperdesk web site and they've just released their first papercraft model. It's called the BC Butler and it's one of a few papercraft models I know that has another purpose besides looking good on display. The BC Butler also serves as a business card holder, hence the BC in the front. The pattern is well thought out and the design is very nice, there are two available - one with the original colors and the other is left blank for those who want to do their own coloring. Download it free at the link below and don't forget to greet the designer. Office people, this one's for you.

BC Butler Papercraft [The Brainjar Paperdesk]


  1. Papercraft art meets practicality, I love it! :) The unique style is refreshing. It looks simple enough I just may be able to make it :P hehe

  2. It's really a simple design. And heh, if you cut a small slit in the back you could also use it as a piggy bank. ;)
    Thanks for the review Ron.

  3. From the easiest going to the hardest. Great job!! thanks

  4. Thanks for highlighting this useful papercraft product. Without your blog entry, I would never have found it. It was exactly what I needed for a friend's wedding.

  5. @Jasmin Loire
    Glad I could help :)


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