17 February 2008

Lady Archer Anime Papercraft

Just received this one through e-mail, sent in by one of our loyal readers. It's a Japanese site with some nifty anime-type papercrafts. I'm still trying to get some information about the designer, but for the meantime - you can download the Lady Archer anime papercraft from the Mabinogi Guild web site at the link below. Check out the pictures to see what to click in order to get to the goods.

Lady Archer Anime Papercraft [Mabinogi Guild]
Mabinogi Guild [Site]


  1. Talk about some complex Papercraft, WOW

  2. I can't actually get to the papercraft, it asks for a password at the site, can somebody help?

  3. Hello!, only to say... the file (and the site) was moved. the new link is http://paperworks.chips.jp/gallery.cgi?no=9

  4. Thanks a bunch anon, i'll update it


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