23 January 2009

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Freya

Final Fantasy IX Freya Papercraft

Freya Crescent is a character that appears on Final Fantasy IX, she is a dragon knight from Burmecia (rat people), looking for her lost love - Sir Iron Tail Fratley.

Final Fantasy IX - Freya Papercraft [chamoo232]

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  1. Wow, it's finally finished. I've seen a thread about this Freya model in 4chan /po but currently in development. Wonderful if it will ever be completed.
    Rat people? I thought they were dragon people, in the game it's difficult to tell what they are.

  2. Squaresoft has said in their site that the the Burmecians are indeed "anthropomorphic rats". Some with their tails exposed, some tucked in, while others wrap it around their waist. Here's a pic based on the official FF art book.

  3. Huhmmm I always consider it as a Dragoon :D It's skill is perfect...and now it's avaible in paper ^_^ thanks

  4. @.§h1N.
    She still is, Dragoon refers to her job class while Burmecian is her race.


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