24 January 2009

Futurama Papercraft - Death Clock

Futurama Death Clock PapercraftThe Death Clock is an item that appears in the Futurama animated series, it was invented by Professor Farnsworth to tell a person's time of death. You simply insert your finger in the top hole and it gives you a readout, including the year, month, day, etc.. down to the last second.

Futurama - Death Clock Papercraft [billybob884]

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  1. Excellent touch with the Futurama clip.

  2. thanks to comedy central :)

  3. Hmm... a fun mod to this would be to make a working clock that would fit in the display area...with a button in the finger hole (sorry if that sounds dirty but it's what it is) that would generate a random number for the clock...

  4. interesting....

    now to find a clock that would actually fit


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