27 February 2009

2010 Winter Olympics Mascot Papercrafts

Here are the cute mascots for next year's 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics transformed into papercrafts. It is officialy the XXI / 21st Winter Olympic Games and then followed by the X / 10th Paralympic Winter Games. Those events will be held in both Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Here's a brief description about the mascots:
Sumi is an animal spirit who lives in the mountains of British Columbia. Like many Canadians, Sumi's background is drawn from many places. He wears the hat of the orca whale, flies with the wings of the mighty thunderbird and runs on the strong furry legs of the black bear.

Quatchi is a young sasquatch who comes from the mysterious forests of Canada. Quatchi is shy, but loves to explore new places and meet new friends.

Miga is a young sea bear who lives in the ocean with her family pod, beyond Vancouver Island, near Tofino, British Columbia. Sea bears are part killer whale and part bear. (Miga is part Kermode bear, a rare white bear that only lives in British Columbia.)
Special thanks to reader Adam for this wonderful tip!

2010 Winter Olympics Mascot Papercrafts

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  1. Meomi (http://www.meomi.com/) are the mascots designers: it's cool, I love their works for years :D

  2. Those mascots looks great. Hmm I'm thinking of designing some mascots and submit them to 2012 London Olympics because I am so sick of seeing the rubbish logo.Maybe get other people doing the same. Other countries who host past event designed much better logo. The UK has good talented designers they are overshadowed by people with higher powers.

  3. @jerom
    Thanks for that info., I will be checking out their site.

    You should definitely give it a go, do you have a certain type of character in mind?

  4. I love these mascots. Especially Quatchi! It's nice to see someone actually worked hard on these and the result is very very cute. You should also add Mukmuk to this collection. Although he is not an official mascot but he serves as a "sidekick" to the officials...haha. You can check him out here:

    Take care, Elli

  5. It's definitely the best Olympic mascots ever made :P

  6. You need and Inukshuk to go with them!



  7. Very cute! Thanks for the explanation to help understand the components of each character - the details helped make it more Canadian for me!


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