25 February 2009

Super Mario Papercraft - Tumble

Mario Party 3 - Tumble PapercraftTumble is a character from Mario Party 3 that serves as the host for the mini-games. Tumble has a Rayman-ish appearance, no legs, arms or body - has a round head with a dice on top, floating gloves and boots.

Mario Party 3 - Tumble Papercraft

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  1. They both came out of the same year which is 2001, but Mario Party 3 was released in May and Rayman was June, so technically you can't use "Rayman-ish" since Mario Party 3 came out before Rayman, its more like Rayman is "Tumble-ish".

  2. Did you hear about the Rayman game that came out for the Atari Jaguar?

    95 :)


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