22 February 2009

Papercraft Toys Unite

Papercraft Toys 1
Here's a new papercraft project called "We Don't Need Fake", it features popular designers like Matt Hawkins, Tetsuya Watabe, Ben the Illustrator, Ryuk Yu, Sjors, Shin Tanaka, and McKibillo.
Papercraft Toys 2
You've probably seen most of the papercraft toys featured here (they have a fresh coat of paint though), but there's a new design from Tetsuya Watabe (Kamimodel.com) called Zamber (alligator) that you might want to look in to. To get each model, just keep clicking on the "Agree" button and then back button for the rotation.

Papercraft Toys Unite "We Don't Need Fake"

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  1. I'm guessing this name is symbolic of some kind of...stand against something...fake?

    What's their deal?

  2. This is really cool. Thanks for this post!

  3. I have yet to figure it out :)

  4. I think they're refering to those who create new stuff based on their model toys, I remember reading on the forums about kamimodel being upset because somebody did a Calvin & Hobbes version on their Rommy. Maybe that's what they mean by "fake"

  5. What forum did you see it on? can you email me the link

  6. I'm really confused by their message here, isn't it the whole purpose of designer papercrafts is to design your own (skin them) using their models?

  7. sorry Ron, can't remember which forum. it was last year.

  8. @Anonymous

    yes but you have to ask permission first

  9. Everybody here seems to be clueless about marketing tactics, well I am not. They just picked that title to drum up "talk" to create drama - and you guys are exactly biting the bait. The more people talke about it and they get free publicity.

  10. Shame the only model I'm inclined to build is the "fake" Hobbes...but I guess press is press just the same.


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