27 March 2009

Chobits Papercraft - Chi

Chi Chobits PapercraftChi is an android character from the Chobits manga/anime series. She is a persocom - a type of android computer created to serve their owner by performing simple to complex activities - ala Bicentennial Man.

Fortunately, Chi is not just any regular persocom, she has super advance A.I. that enables her to feel and learn new tasks without installing additional software - these types of unique persocoms are known as Chobits.

This Chi / Chobits papercraft is from designer Alclione, great work on the hair and dress btw.

Chobits - Chi Papercraft

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  1. that doll is really complex and nice, lovely!thx!

  2. Did you mean aka instead of ala before Bicentennial Man?

  3. ^^ no, not aka

    i meant "a la" which is French for "in the style of".


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