23 March 2009

Die Glocke Papercraft - The Bell

Die Glocke (aka The Bell) is a part of the Nazi German occult and super-secret SS (Schutzstaffel) "wonder weapons" program during World War II that was said to be a time machine.

It's a metallica object shaped like a bell, hence the code name "Die Glocke" / The Bell. It stood 12-15 ft. tall, 9 ft. in diameter and comprised of two counter-rotating cylinders that rotated a highly radioactive substance code named "Xerum 525" (purplish liquid metal).

It is said that all the scientists and witnesses who saw or worked on the Bell were murdered by the SS to conceal any knowledge of the secret program.

Die Glocke Papercraft

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  1. OMG a hitler papercraft XD

  2. This is really interesting, I've never heard of it before.

  3. I've never heard of it either...

  4. That's just one of the fascinating stuff in Nazi occultism, but there's a lot more, hopefully Paper-Replika continues with a series for it :)

  5. Oh, that was the final enemy at the "Metal slug" videogame, i think it was in the first one.

    I didn't know either of what was that, i find the info very iteresting, i'll keep some time reading about it.

  6. @Camats
    I think you're refering to the ufo thingie in Metal Slug 2 (the one with the X on its side), before the mothership battle - they do look similar ^_^

  7. xD I'm german but i never heard of anything like this...must be VERY secret ;P but i'm sure all the workers weren't murdered but traveled with the ultimate time machine into future times! xD

    ...hm our anchestors really had some bad problems

  8. It wasent suppost to be a time machine. It was said to serve several purposes. The first was to serve as a anti-gravity machine(by using the supposed Vril energy). The second was to be a weapon, somthing that the Nazis hoped would make a hydrogen bomb look like a bottle rocket. It was said to be about 9ft high and 12 ft wide. The test ring for this machine can still be seen. Its in the black forest in Poland. Its an odd henge shaped (stone hedge looking ) building. If you want more info, feel free to contact me. my email is caosknight999@yahoo.com

  9. We are trying to get into the whole conspiracy thing ^^ get with the progam

  10. i know it from James Rollins's novel, Black Mission

  11. Jeez you people find it interesting your own existances wiped out the bell would have been catastrophic no matter the function I just started research and already im horrified by my findings the theories could be true dont you realise it hitler was taking the world out if it worked and people high up are hiding alot of things there are things about ww2 that could change the world forever and its no lie so for those researching it be careful with your findings

  12. Rubbish. Nothing to do with the occult except in over fevered imaginations. Soviet plasma scientist Georgi Frolov said in a 1983 interview that in 1945 he and Igor Kurchatov were led to the mine by Nazi scientist Graf von Ardenne and was told it was a type of super cyclotron, in other words it was a nuclear particle accelerator. Railway worker Joachim Ibrom said it needed a power supply through a cable to three railway wagons which were a Marx Generator. It was not a rocket nor was it a UFO. Simon_G


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