26 April 2009

Mythology Papercraft - Unicorn & Pegasus

Mythology Unicorn & Pegasus PapercraftCute overload, two new mythical equine creatures from Christopher Bonnette's Macula.tv

We'll start with the Unicorn papercraft - horse with a horn

Then you have the Pegasus papercraft - horse with a wing

Mix them together and you might have a Unisus / Pegacorn papercraft - horse with wing and horn

In pop culutre terminology, any type of winged horse is called a pegasus, but this is a misnomer. You see in Greek Mythology, Pegasus is the name of the immortal winged horse that sprang from the blood of the slain Medusa, Pegasus is a Pterripus - the proper term for winged horses.

Before you go to the download links below, check out this funny "Unicorn" commerical from G4TV

Mythology - Unicorn & Pegasus Papercrafts [Macula]

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  1. Cute overload, indeed. These unicorns are adorable.

  2. Lol, reminds me of the app "Unpleasant Horse" with the "Pritty Ponies"

  3. That's not a pegasus. THIS is a pegasus: http://paperkraft.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-little-pony-papercraft-rainbow-dash.html


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