28 April 2009

Not Speakerboss Papercraft Toy

Speakerboss Papercraft ToySo Sjors Trimbach made a series of papercraft speakers made in the colors of the rainbow to honor a good friend who was diagnosed with cancer, very nice friend he is.

This is not that papercraft ^^, this is a look-a-like copy of it, an anon from the papercraft forums designed one just like it. The original had seven Speakerboss papercrafts, this is just one item (green).

All in all, Sjors made two sets of seven - first set was given to his friends and the second set was sold, with the proceeds donated to the Dutch Cancer Society. Hat tip to reader Matty for the links, pics, and info.

Not Speakerboss Papercraft Toy [via trendhunter]

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  1. Hahahahaha... These funny faces actually made me laugh out loud.


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