06 April 2009

UFO Papercraft - Haunebu IV

Haunebu IV PapercraftThe Haunebu (aka H-GERÄT, Hauneburg Device, aka Nazi UFO) is a flying saucer-shaped vehicle said to be an advanced aircraft/spacecraft developed by Nazi Germany during World War II, mainly for military purposes.

It would have been really awesome if this thing was real, but remember, references to Nazi UFOs appear mostly in fiction and conspiracy theory sources - your call.

Nazi UFO - Haunebu IV Papercraft

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  1. ok.... even MORE nazi papercraft?

  2. If this papercraft interests you, you should check this out. A garage studio film production involving the Germans fleeing to the moon in flying saucers, and then biding their time, waiting to strike.


  3. Very interesting, thanks for the link.

  4. awesome i allways wanted to do some nazi papercraft thank you dude:)


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