29 May 2009

Full Metal Panic - Bontakun Papercraft

Bontakun Papercraft Bonta-kun is a character from the Full Metal Panic!Full Metal Panic! anime/manga/light novel series by Shoji Gatoh - it appears in Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu to be exact.

Bonta-kun is the mouse-looking mascot of the Fumo Fumo Land amusement park, it becomes a bulletproof, power armored suit (mecha) with some mod work from Sousuke Sagara.

Full Metal Panic - Bontakun Papercraft

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  1. any other link? The d/l link in the page is dead. I can help put it to premium account in rapidshare if I have the file.

  2. Try the other link, its on the left side of their page, below Bontakun's pic


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