24 May 2009

Warcraft 3 Papercraft - Just A Reminder

Warcraft 3 Papercraftsdota.Hobikitkertas has now released all of the Warcraft 3 paper models that we've previewed in the past week, so head on over to check out the goods. Follow the link below, the goods are marked with "free", start from left going right ^^

Warcraft 3 Papercraft [dota]

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  1. Oi, someone's selling a powered suit papercraft at YAJ, have you seen it yet? I might go for it, what do you think?

  2. I've seen it, got bad history with seller though.

    It's definitely a good paper model, but I wouldn't pay over Y3000 for it. Be careful, I've won a couple of good items from that seller before (ended in a very low bid) but he didn't go through with the deal, wrote me a letter of apology saying the goods was "accidentally" damaged - ya right ^^.


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