29 May 2009

Super Robot Dog Papercraft Illusion

Super Robot Dog Paper Illusion 01

Super Robot DogSuper Robot Dog is here! Thinkfun's (formerly Binary Arts) Paper Dragon Optical Illusion gets a futuristic skin job courtesy of Thai graphic designer ByManStudio (Tanarat Ruamwang).

I know from last time (Paper Dragon Illusion) that a lot of people got the head part wrong, so for those that haven't tried this one yet, here's a couple of photos on how the head is supposed to look like ^^

Super Robot Dog Paper Illusion 03

Super Robot Dog Paper Illusion 02

You have to get the head part right or the illusion won't work!

Super Robot Dog Papercraft Illusion [via tektonten]
Dragon Papercraft Illusion


  1. affirmative .. yes master :D
    looks almost like K-9

  2. that's what i was thinking too when i saw it ^^

  3. what's that little frog girl figurine?

  4. Frog Mikuru - Nendoroid Petit

  5. The dog version is much easier than the dragon :P
    Thank you very much!
    BTW: i cant get the illusion with my eyes (1 and 2) but when i film it, it works pett well :D

  6. stand well away and in a dimly lit room for training


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